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Motovolt Launches Next Generation URBN E-Bike: Time to Ride License-Free for the Smart Indian Urban Youth

Motovolt  Mobility Pvt  Ltd, today announced the launch of  URBN , a feature rich, smart e-bike at the Constitution Club, New Delhi in the p...

Motovolt Mobility Pvt Ltd,today announced the launch of URBN, a feature rich, smart e-bike at the Constitution Club, New Delhi in the presence of Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, Indian Politician and Member of Parliament from West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency. URBNe-bike an attractively priced, zero-emissions e-bike representing the aspirations and confidence of the modern Indian youth is also uniquely designed for greater riding comfort. The fact that it doesn’t require any license or registration to own and ride, and comes with a host of features makes it the ideal choice for the generation of today. Priced at just INR 49,999, Motovolt URBN is available for booking at INR 999/- on the company’s website and 100+ physical retail points.


Motovolt URBN is powered by a removable BIS approved battery which is safe and easy to charge. It comes with a peddle assist sensor and offers multiple riding modes to support peddling or automatic ride preferences. Further, it comes with an ignition key switch, handle-lock and various other features. URBN needs no license or registration giving riders the freedom to enjoy hassle free sustainable rides. Bookings are now open at Rs 999 for Motovolt URBN.


The event was attended by many industry leaders. A panel discussion was held between Dr.  Ravindra Kumar, Chief Scientist, Transportation Planning and Environment Division CSIR – Central Road Research Institute, Mr. Ajay Sharma, Secretary General Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles, Mr. Raja Kishore, Chief Operating Officer at CSC Grameen eStore, Mr. Ashwani Mahajan, Professor, Author, Columnist, Social Activist National Co Convenor SwadeshiJagran Manch, Mr. Vinod Kumar Yadav, Deputy Commissioner – EV Cell and Mr. Manohar Bethapudi, Head Growth and Corporate Strategy Motovolt discussing the growth of the EV ecosystem, future of micro mobility in the country, challenges and opportunities.


The Government of India and various state governments have been taking several steps to promote EVs in the country. There are Production-Linked-Incentives (PLI) schemes for the EV makers, and in many states, subsidies are provided to the EV buyers. Public EV charging stations and battery swapping stations are being supported, and there are also EV exclusive zones being planned in some cities. These initiatives alongside other EV-specific regulations, and guidelines are in the pipeline to build a safe and thriving EV ecosystem in the country. 


Speaking about this, Shri Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma, Indian Politician and Member of Parliament from West Delhi Lok Sabha Constituency, said, “The Government of India has been dedicatedly working towards promoting the EV sector in India. We have been focusing on supporting manufacturers who innovate and create high-quality and affordable battery powered commute options. We have launched various schemes and initiatives such as Production Linked Incentives and subsidies on purchase of EVs. It is heartening to see a young enterprise like Motovolt come up with e-bikes, and I hope URBN will prove to be a great personal commute option for the younger commuters in cities all over India.”

Adding further, Mr. Tushar Choudhary, Founder and CEO, Motovolt, said, “Motovolt is committed to the cause of building a pollution free and sustainable future for all. We identified the market gap when it comes to aspirational, comfortable and stylish individual urban commute. With URBN e-bicycle’s launch, we have created the perfect solution for our users. It is priced at INR 49,999/- onwards, and can be purchased at easy EMIs. It is a perfect ride for local commute and offers a 120 km range on full charge.URBN is a smart e-bicycle which comes with an integrated smartphone app which will transform the experience of daily ride for office goers as well as college or school students in Indian towns and cities.”


Climate change has rapidly emerged as a real-time existential challenge in recent years. The need of the hour is an emission-free, affordable and safe mode of commute that ensures a healthy habitat for the generations to come. EVs have emerged as that alternative which will help us achieve the goal of sustainable commute for all. 


Electric buses, cars or autos are ideal for shared mobility, but there is a need to provide individual modes of local commute which are battery-powered, safe and convenient for all user groups. This is where Motovolt’s ‘URBN’ aims to be the perfect riding companion for people from all walks of life. 

About Motovolt:

Motovolt is one of India’s leading electric mobility brands and it has developed a connected, purpose-built e-vehicle platform which is ideal for the domestic markets. The system is powered by smart-EV technology and has in-house drivetrain design. These are affordable and low maintenance and can be used without registration or vehicular license. The lithium-ion batteries used by Motovolt support fast charging. They can be remotely monitored and advanced predictive maintenance is facilitated by the technology, leading to superior customer experience. 


As India’s first micro-mobility EV brand, Motovolt had earlier introduced a range of e-cycles including: 

● HUM – A multi-utility e-cycle and the first such product in India
● KIVO Standard – A smart and stylish bike
● KIVO Easy – An affordable, easy ride for all
● ICE – A convenient, foldable e-cycle

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