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Guru Nanak Jayanti 2023: Romanch Mehta talks about Guru Nanak Dev’s teachings that he holds close

Gurpurab is the celebration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday, who founded Sikhism. He was the first guru of the Sikhs and spread the mess...

Gurpurab is the celebration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji's birthday, who founded Sikhism. He was the first guru of the Sikhs and spread the message of love and virtue. This year, Guru Nanak Jayanti, a significant religious festival, is on November 27th, celebrated across the country. Actor Romanch Mehta shared his childhood memories, plans for this year, his appreciation for langar and kada prasad, and the teachings of Guru Nanak Dev, along with a special message for the younger generation.

Recalling his childhood memories and sharing his plans for this year, Romanch shared, “Guru Nanak Jayanti was a really important festival for me during my childhood. It always happened during my school days when I was in ninth and tenth grade at a school named after Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur. I remember how significant it was for us, and I even took part in the procession held in our hometown. I've enjoyed langar many times on this special day.” 

“Even now, I make an effort to go to the Gurudwara on Guru Nanak Jayanti if I'm not working or have some free time. I bow my head and partake in langar. This year, if I'm not shooting, my plan is to go to the Gurudwara again. It's a special tradition for me, and I'm looking forward to it. Let's see how it goes,” he added. 

When asked if he enjoys the special langar during Guruparb, Romanch expressed, “I absolutely love the special langar on this day! I've been having it since childhood, back when we used to gather at the Ramlila ground in our hometown. There would be kirtan, and afterward, we'd enjoy the delicious langar. I have a vivid memory of the tasty dal there, which we fondly called Langar Wali Dal, especially the Black Dal.” 

Emphasising on assisting with langar preparation, he added, “When you visit any Gurudwara worldwide to pay your respects, you always get the delightful Kada Prasad. It's amazing how its taste remains consistent across different places. Recently, I haven't had the chance to get it, but I've definitely been involved in making roti and assisting with serving langar in the past. It's our little tradition. Participating a bit in the process, whether it's handling the roti or helping out in the langar seva, brings a sense of connection.” 

When asked which of Guru Nanak Dev's teachings have helped him in his personal and professional life, Romanch shared, “Guru Nanak Dev Ji shared many teachings, and although I haven't read them directly, I've heard some. One key message was about not accumulating wealth only for oneself but sharing it with others. It's about serving and helping others as much as possible, and honestly, these teachings resonate in my everyday life. The idea is to share what you have, be it money or resources, to assist and feed those in need. I do my best to follow this principle, and that's why I established my foundation. Though it's not a lot, I've taken on the responsibility of educating two girls and providing them with a meal every week through my foundation.”

“My father used to advise setting aside 10% of earnings to help those less fortunate. So, I try to follow that and contribute to the well-being of the poor or those in need. It's an ongoing effort from my side, and as circumstances improve, I hope to do even more. We make our best effort, and the rest is in the hands of a higher power – whatever blessings we receive, we aim to pass them on,” he added. 

Lastly, sharing a special message for the young generation, Romanch said, “My advice to the younger generation is to take a moment to recognize and appreciate their roots. It's a beautiful aspect of life. Even if you incorporate just 10% to 20% of these values into your daily routine, it can have a significant impact on your life. Remaining connected to our traditions, whether it's celebrating festivals like Guru Purba or understanding the history behind them, is crucial. Respecting our elders, valuing traditions, and honouring our cultural practices are essential elements of who we are. These traditions keep us tied to our past and provide a sense of identity.

“While adopting Western practices is fine, it's equally important to stay connected to our roots. Your identity lies in your traditions and roots, which will remain constant even as other aspects of life change. We should take pride in our identity and cherish our traditions,” he concluded. 

On the work front, Romanch Mehta is known for his roles in Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey and Kulfi Kumar Bajewala among others. He will soon be seen playing the role of a brother in the upcoming web series ‘Bhagin.’ The release date and trailer for the web series are expected to be unveiled soon.

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